Vigna dell'Impero Trebbiano 2020 - 1

Vigna dell’Impero Trebbiano 2020

Trebbiano from the historic Vigna dell’Impero vineyard that was planted in 1935 by Amedeo di Savoia Duca d’Aosta. At the time it was traditional to combine white and black berry varieties to stimulate competition, and so it was grown-in minor parts-along with Sangiovese. The wine undergoes a white fermentation and separate vinification: 30 percent in small new French oak barrels and 70 percent in earthenware vessels, an inert material impermeable to oxygen, in which the wine becomes clear and stabilizes, the bouquet takes shape with a more intense, fine and complex bouquet, and the flavor balances and softens. After about 12 months it is blended and bottled. We thus obtain a white with citrus notes such as orange peel, floral and dried fruit (almond). In the mouth, it stands out for marked savoriness and flavor persistence.
Vintage Notes

The winter in the Tuscan hinterland was quite cold, regularly rainy and often windy, facilitating the winter operations of pruning the vineyards. Spring arrived as usual in late March, with warm temperatures slightly ahead, mitigated by cold returns. Vineyards budded slightly early, showing very early production rich in clusters and deep green leaves. The hot, breezy Tuscan summer was interspersed with a few rains, most useful for the vineyards, which enjoyed the balance shown so far. Once the summer heat passed, September accompanied the ripening of the grapes to harvest with an excellent result, Merlot expressing fruit and complexity at its best, Cabernet Sauvignon finesse and structure and Petit Verdot the characteristic spicy notes.


Vigna dell'Impero Trebbiano 2020 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Vigna dell’Impero Trebbiano
Appellation: I.G.T. Toscana Bianco
Varieties: Trebbiano vines planted in 1935
Exposure: South-East
Average Age the Vines: 87 years – planted on 1935
Altitude: 278 metres a.s.l.
Trellis: Spurred cordon
Number of vines per ha: 4166
Vineyard layout: 3mt. x 0,5mt.
Soil characteristics: Rich in stony galestro
Yield per Hectare: 3 tons
Suggested Serving Temperature: 8° – 9°


Vinification: Cryomaceration of grapes with dry ice in press, fermentation at controlled temperature of 16° for 10-12 days
Aging: Part in 3.5-hectoliter “cocciopesto” amphorae, part in small barrels for 1 year
Bottle aging prior to release: Around 12 months

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep yellow, with golden hues.
Bouquet: At the beginning it opens up with white flowers, broom, vanilla and coffee, then it shows white pulp fruit notes
Palate: In mouth it is direct but elegant, the dualism between acidity and roundness stands out: the cocciopesto amphorae enhances freshness and minerality, while the small barrel gives volume and elegance. Everything blends perfectly in a balanced and persistent finish.
Pairing Suggestions: Pairs with informal meals of cold cuts, vegetables and simple dishes. It also pairs well with fish and shellfish dishes.