W i n e E x p e r i e n c e

T e n u t a S e t t e P o n t i

A journey into the heart of Tuscany, among our historic vineyards and a nature reserve preserved since the time of the royal family. Tuscan tradition combined with that of a family that has inhabited this estate since the 1950s to discover how our wines produced here are made. Experience a tour of the vineyard and winery ending with a guided tasting of our wines, accompanied by focaccia and a small selection of cheeses and cold cuts.

F e u d o M a c c a r i

A journety to Feudo Maccari, between Noto and Marzamemi.
You will be able to choose between tastings where the wine is the only protagonist and Wine & Food tastings, where Feudo Maccari’s wines meet typical Mediterranean dishes. Visit the aging cellar, taste and learn about the wines, the result of careful and meticulous work, and the lush nature that expresses itself in the fertile soils of black and white volcanic soil giving oranges, lemons, Pachino tomatoes, vegetables, vegetables and olives.

A n i m a e t n e a

A special place, full of ancestral charm, where past and present manage to merge harmoniously, revealing the millennial winemaking tradition on the slopes of Etna.
Our winery is open for tours and tastings. Take a seat in our new tasting room or on the terrace, immersed in the alberello vineyards, and let us guide you on a historical and sensory journey that will lead you to the very essence of viticulture born in the shadow of the “Muntagna.”