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Sette Wine Club - 1
sette wine club

U n i s c i t i a l n o s t r o W i n e C l u b

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S c o p r i i v a n t a g g i

First Access to Limited-Production Wines

Be the first to know about our newest vintages and have exclusive access to them

Member-Only Discounts and Promotion

Get 15% savings on current release wines and $15 flat rate for worldwide shipping.

Flexibility that
Suits Your Needs

Choose between 4, 6 or 12 shipments a year, and different payment plans.

Exclusive Events and Experiences

Get invited to our member-only events and experiences and bring up to 3 more people.

Member-Only Offers and Savings

Buy more, spend less with our exclusive offers.

Sette Wine Club - 2

I l r e g a l o p e r f e t t o

Sette Wine Club - 3

A selection of your favorite wines packaged beautifully and sent directly to your favorite people. Surprise your loved ones today!