Aola di Orma 2021 - 1

Aola di Orma 2021

The desire to express the exceptional qualities of these unique places has been at the heart of Orma’s philosophy from the very beginning. Orma’s Aola is a Cabernet Franc with a small addition of Cabernet Sauvignon, a faithful expression of a unique terroir that has always been in harmony with nature. We chose to produce Aola, with the first 2020 vintage, to highlight the extraordinary potential of a parcel north of the Bolgheri road. The soil is particularly suited for Cab franc: the roots of this parcel make their way through a layer of clay, dating back millions of years. In what was once a seafloor, traces, mineral and fossil, of a past life can now be found. This allows us to investigate even deeper the secrets held within this terroir. Facing southwest on a mineral soil composed mainly of clay and gravel, with a small part of sand. The plot is extremely bright, benefiting from sea breezes that promote ideal ripening of the grapes, which give the wine less herbaceous notes. To complete, the small addition of Cabernet Sauvignon, increases the aromatic and gustatory complexity.
Vintage Notes

After some winter rains and a few windy days, winter gives way to spring, which is usually intense and early, distinguished by high temperatures that, after the vines are planted, help the buds swell quickly, developing homogeneous and rich buds, ready for flowering in a few weeks. The microclimate is always optimal, distinguished by the wind rising from the sea light and constant, intense sunshine without fluctuating temperatures, few rains wet the vineyards, lush and balanced, bringing the desired phenolic ripening to fruition. It promises to be a vintage of great depth, determined by the quality of the tannin, which gives a rich, concentrated wine but with hints of freshness, particularly in the Merlot. The Cabernet Sauvignon shows finesse and structure and the Cabernet Franc complexity and roundness.

Aola di Orma 2021 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine:Aola di Orma
Classification: Bolgheri Superiore DOC
Production Area: Bolgheri – Tuscany
Varieties: 85% Cabernet Franc, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon
Exposition: South-West
Vineyards Average Age: 15 – 20 years
Altitude: 60 meters above sea level
Cultivation System: Bush vine and spurred cordon
Number of vine per Ha: 7800
Production per Ha: 60 Hl
Alcohol percentage: 14%
Serving temperature: 16°


Vinification: Fermentation is conducted at a controlled temperature and the grapes macerate for about 1 month
Aging: 18 months in small barrels
Bottle aging: 6 months

Tasting Notes

Colour: Intense ruby red with hints of violet
Bouquet: Concentrations of red fruit alternate with notes of yellow pepper in perfect balance with spicy elements
Palate: In the mouth, a wine of great concentration, soft, velvety and perfectly balanced with the tannic texture.
Serving suggestion: Full flavoured meats, game and roasts


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