Animalucente 2022 - 1

Animalucente 2022

Animalucente: A wine as delicate and soft as bright, flowing lava, yet at the same time as strong and unstoppable as the life that generates it. Shining, ethereal and flamboyant, the name Animalucente recalls the luminosity of a lava flow in a wild environment where nature reigns supreme. In the vocated Contrada Santo Spirito of Passopisciaro, the aforementioned local varieties, are grown exclusively as small trees on black lava stone terraces, with century-old plants some of which are prefillossera. A heroic viticulture where man goes beyond his limits, generating a sulphurous, savory and vertical wine that brings together all the suggestions of a natural landscape that stretches from the slopes to the summit of Europe’s highest volcano, Etna precisely. A perfect fusion of heaven and earth.
Vintage Notes

Etna Volcano always reserves cold and snowy periods during the summer season. Frequent rains and some snowfalls, keep temperatures low until spring, then the explosion of the new season brings green vegetation back to the vineyards, which divided into small plots maintained as originally, host even very old plants, in perfect symbiosis with the land. The 2021 saw temperature peaks constantly lowered by the abundant ventilation that characterizes the volcano. Ripening arrived on time in late October, with fresh, healthy grapes, the ultimate expression of Etna’s terroir.


Animalucente 2022 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Animalucente
Classification: Etna DOC
Production Zone: Etna
Varieties: 85% Carricante, 15% Minnella
Exposure: North
Average Age the Vines: Over 60 years
Altitude: 700 metres above sea level
Trellis: Bush System
Production per Hectare: 6000/7000 kilo
Alcohol percentage: 13% vol.


Vinification: Fermentation without skins at a controlled temperature <20°C
Aging: 6 months steel
Bottle aging prior to release: 3 months