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Volé Mosso Rosé

A wine that, with the warmth of its pomegranate-colored robe, indulges the vocation of its terroir. Moreover, this color is emblematic of the spirit of our times, because pink is as current as the bubbles. Perfect for a journey through the flavors of the world, it pairs with ethnic and Asian, Latin and Mediterranean cuisines such as eggplant parmigiana, fish crudités and red pizzas.


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Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Volé Mosso
Classification: Vino rosato
Production Area: Sicily – Noto
Varieties: Nero D’Avola
Exposition: Southern
Vineyards Average Age: 10 years
Altitude: 80 metres above the sea level
Cultivation System: Bush System
Number of vine per Ha: 5555
Production per Ha: Hl 80
Serving Temperature: 8°-9°


Vinification: Direct grape press and alcoholic fermentation of the liquid fraction made by wild yeasts in small stainless steel containers at a temperature of <16° C
Aging: Leave slowly to refresh at low temperature from its yeast, then place in a bottle with a slight carbon dioxide residue
Bottle Aging: At least 3 months

Tasting Notes

Slim pink with brilliant reflexes, with persistent fine perlage, nose with intense fruity aromas of strawberry. In the mouth is large, soft and has a pleasant freshness