Vigna Sultana 2021 - 1

Vigna Sultana 2021

Pronouncedly sloping bush-trained vineyard facing northwest. White soil from limestone matrix, rich in minerals and drainage capacity. The pronounced slope and a very lean soil, enhance the pedoclimatic characteristics where the Nero d’Avola saplings find a natural habitat. It is an extreme terroir, a combination of environmental and human factors that distinguish Sultana from other vineyards. The Light reflected from Sultana’s white soils enhances the characteristics of the vineyard’s grapes.


Vigna Sultana 2021 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Vigna Sultana
Classification:Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC
Vintage: 2021
Production zone: Sicily – Noto
Varieties: Nero d’Avola
Altitude: 60 metres above the sea level
Trellis: Bush system
Vineyard layout: 1,25mt. x 1,25mt.
Number of vines per Ha: 5.555
Yield per hectare: 1 tons