Sette 2020 - 1

Sette 2020

Sette is a great tribute to the art of winemaking, which we realize, today, with seven different vineyards of Merlot, organic and vinified in purity. Each, with its own pedoclimatic characteristics, giving birth, each, to seven different wines, alternately chosen for characteristics and personality, then blended and aged to make Seven, a harmony of aromas and scents, each time new and distinct. A careful selection of different Merlots, then, from the best ancient “Stiori”-typified each year, by exposure, location, Terroir-and which, according to the characteristics of the vintage, are highlighted, in the back label, with a peculiar and meticulous mapping, to indicate those used for each different vinification. The agronomic and viticultural techniques, which we have consolidated over time for these vineyards, allow us to obtain excellent results, even during the most adverse seasons, thus, allowing them the maximum qualitative and identity expression. Cypresses, Salvareccio I, Salvareccio II, Poggio Sinistro, Sorbaccio, Nocetta I, Nocetta II, each of different sizes and characteristics, in terms of orientation, care, exposure of the soils to light, excellent ventilation, good drainage, richness of organic matter, right soil composition (60% sand, 30% clay, 10% silt), good humidity during the summer – since Merlot does not like drought – are cared for, so as to obtain, in each vineyard, the maximum expressions of quality and taste of the grapes.
Vintage Notes

The rainy and quite mild winter facilitated the winter operations of pruning the vineyards. Spring arrived as always in late March, with warm temperatures, mitigated by late winter days. The vineyards had a uniform budding, in tune with the season, showing very early a rich production of deep green bunches and leaves. The hot, breezy Tuscan summer was interspersed with a few rains, most useful for the vineyards, which enjoyed the balance shown so far. September accompanied the ripening of the grapes to harvest with an excellent result, the Merlot expressing fruit and complexity at its best.


Sette 2020 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Sette
Classification: Igt Toscana Rosso
Production Zone: Central Tuscany
Varieties: Seven vineyards of Merlot from which we selected three of them: Nocetta I, Cipressi, Sorbaccio
Exposure: Nord-sud
Average Age the Vines: 15-20 years
Altitude: 250/300 m asl
Trellis: Spurred cordon
Spacing of Rows: 6.666
Soil characteristics: Rich in clay and sand
Production per Hectare: 4,5 tons
Alcohol percentage: 15%
Suggested Serving Temperature: 18°


Vinification: Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats for 24 days
Aging: In small barrels for 18 months
Bottle aging prior to release: More than one year

Tasting Notes

Colour: Intense ruby red with purplish reflection
Bouquet: Small red fruits, blackberry, plum, together with toasted elements
Palate: Structured, persistent, with smooth and elegant tannins

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