Animavulcano 2022 - 1

Animavulcano 2022

From 15-year-old vineyards located along the volcanic slopes of Etna Resting a year in steel, it delivers a sip in which the peculiarities of fruit and terroir come together. A wine that speaks the language of its land and embodies its spirit. A pure taste of authenticity.


Animavulcano 2022 - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Animavulcano
Classification: Etna DOC
Vintage: 2022
Production Zone: Etna
Varieties: Nerello Mascalese
Exposure: North
Average Age the Vines: 20 years
Altitude: 700 metres above sea level
Trellis: Bush System
Production per Hectare: 6000/7000 kilo
Alcohol percentage: 14% vol.