Neré 2021 (screw cap) - 1

Neré 2021 (screw cap)

“Wine of the year, bread of the day.” The inhabitants of these unique places have always loved to drink the fruit of the last vintage, before starting the new one. A tradition that the Moretti Cuseri family has enthusiastically embraced: the lighthearted and cheerful glass, ready for any occasion, rich in aromas and easy to pair with traditional Sicilian gastronomy made of poverty and wealth, fully reflects the open character of Sicilians. Feudo Maccari wanted to fully respect the tradition of this grape by vinifying the wine in steel tanks; the rest was taken care of by the white, limestone soil, the sun and the African winds that express the soul of Nero d’Avola in the bottle.
Vintage Notes

The winter was mild and rainier than usual, feeding the underground water reserves, so precious during the summer. After pruning, the vines wept profusely, manifesting the exuberance of the season within days. The saplings of Feudo Maccari sprout, first the Grillo then the Nero d’Avola, and in no time they reach the height of the stake that supports them. Spring is very fast and June already has summer temperatures. Summer is the season that most symbolizes these territories; the wind cools the microclimate of the clusters in the sapling. Healthy grapes predict in an excellent result that comes with the September harvest. Ripenesses are excellent and clear, phenolic ripening homogeneous, certainly a vintage of balance and elegance that exalts native varieties such as Nero d’Avola and Grillo.


Neré 2021 (screw cap) - 1
Technical Features

Name of the Wine: Neré
Classification: Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC
Production Zone: Sicily – Noto
Varieties: 100% Nero d’Avola
Exposure: Southern
Average Age of Vines: 9-31 years
Altitude: 80 metres above the sea level
Trellis: Bush System
Spacing of Rows: 1,25mt. x 1,25mt.
Production per Hectare: 5000/6000 Kilo
Alcohol percentage: 14% vol.
Suggested Serving Temperature: 18°


Vinification: A temperature-controlled fermentation and maceration for about 12 days
Aging: Stainless steel tanks for about 6 months

Tasting Notes

Colour: Red Ruby
Bouquet: Fruit, flower
Palate: Fresh, fruity driven
Serving Suggestions: Full flavour meats, games and roasts


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